Get Free counselling

Get Free counselling

Looks unisex salon is a team of expert professionals from different fields. Dr. Sabina Simkhada  is one of the founding members of our team as well.She has years of experience and knowledge on the medical sector as well. She has been providing genuine counseling to the people who are seeking IVF treatment as well.

IVF, In Vitro Fertilization is a process where the fertilization of sperm and egg is done outside the body. If anyone is seeking IVF treatment, they should be provided with a conclusive IVF counselling. IVF treatment process may be physically and emotionally challenging, a proper counseling can provide them with a proper guideline to make the whole process easier. It is often seen that couples who seek IVF treatment are undergoing depression, stress, anxious and lot other emotions at the same time. They need to be well counseled to make them mentally and physically ready for the treatment. A couple should be able to express their feelings clearly so that they can be addressed accordingly. We provide them with the information regarding every aspect of the treatment involving psychological, physical and social aspects as well. They need to understand the ways to deal with the implications after the treatment. We do not interfere in couple’s personal life decision. It is necessary to understand where the individuals thought process is regarding the whole process. This makes the counseling process whole lot easier and effective.



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